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Brandt, B. 2023. Apple Strategic Analysis. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Ben Brandt 2023.


This paper examines Apple’s strategic management choices. The first part of the paper analyzes Apple’s management team, the internal and external factors that affect business choices, financial performance, and currently carried out business models and strategies. The second part of the paper builds on these analyzes to evaluate Apple’s current industry footprint, examine whether Apple’s stock is worth purchasing, and giving recommendations to improve performance. Throughout the paper the author uses the PESTEL model, Porter’s Five Forces analysis, and stock information to evaluate Apple’s current strategies. The paper addresses the strengths and weaknesses that Apple has internally and externally. Using these analyzes and findings, the author talks about Apple’s need to enter the metaverse, and the need to address key political and social topics that concerns their consumers.