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Jeffryes, Alexis, et al. Strategic Audit: The Boeing Company. Undergraduate Honors Thesis, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2024


Copyright Alexis Jeffryes 2024


This strategic audit centers around The Boeing Company, which is a main supplier of commercial airplanes and U.S. military aerospace machines. We completed this audit by utilizing strategic management principles and theories. This research was completed through publicly available information which included Boeing’s website, annual reports, news articles, competitor websites, and competitor annual reports. The goal of this audit is to collect and analyze data, apply strategic management concepts to a contemporary organization, and evaluate Boeing for a potential competitive advantage in the Aerospace field.

The team completed an analysis of Boeing which included an in-depth evaluation into the firm’s corporate governance, an internal analysis, and an external analysis. We also looked into industry dynamics, direct competition, business-level strategies, corporate-level strategies, and strategic decisions. Leveraging these insights, the strategic audit sought to identify Boeing's core competencies and strengths within the aerospace manufacturing sector. This report also explores a key competitor in the industry, Airbus. Our comprehensive audit revealed that The Boeing Company maintains a formidable position in the market, attributed to its robust financial track record, strong brand recognition, and various competitive advantages. Consequently, we anticipate Boeing to achieve increased profitability in the forthcoming years.