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Spring 2019


Weiler, K. (2019). Civil engineering design of Cornhusker Council's Outdoor Education Center. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Kelly Weiler 2019.


A team of geotechnical, structural, hydraulic, environmental, and transportation experts collaborated to provide engineering solutions to the Cornhusker Council in an effort to solve the current problems facing their Outdoor Education Center. This results of this project provided the structural design of three bridges on the property, transportation plans for two parking lots and roadway design, geotechnical recommendations for soil testing and erosion prevention, and an environmental and hydraulic analysis of the property. A major challenge in the design of this project is the consideration of the dangers and regulations that accompany the floodway and floodplain regions on site. Various alternatives were identified and investigated in each civil engineering discipline to provide a comprehensive 30% design for the Outdoor Education Center.