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Spring 3-15-2021


McElroy, A. 2021. Take a look around: An analysis of food insecurity and awareness on a college campus. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Allison McElroy 2021.


The devastating hit from an unexpected global pandemic posed the question, who should we turn to? The opportunity of this thesis project motivated me to connect my passion for food and health with some source in the community around me. Not only did my own family and friends begin to struggle more with opportunities to work and provide, but many of my fellow university students did as well. I wanted to figure out how people on campus who were able, could physically participate in supporting those around them? The Husker Pantry on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln was brought to my attention, so I decided to study what they are all about. Eventually, I interviewed two of the women who help run the pantry to learn more about their mission, how the pantry has been impacted, and what their needs were in this time of struggle. They spoke to me of the increase in food insecurity and their passion to maintain integrity for students who utilized their resources. This led me to research more about what food insecurity is, how to maintain the integrity of students, and look into the awareness of this source for students and also their opportunity to support their classmates in need. I ended up conducting a donation drive within two willing sororities on campus and sending out a survey to get a better grasp of people’s awareness of the Husker Pantry.