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Spring 4-24-2018


Shen, Yibing. "Strategic Audit: Deloitte." Undergraduate Honors Thesis, 24 April, 2018.


Copyright Yibing Shen 2018


The project’s goal is to analyze the current situation and problems faced by Deloitte, and give out recommendation, implementation plan, and contingency plan for Deloitte. The methods to do the project is to research online to get adequate information and make assumptions for the information I cannot gather. The results are: I find out that Deloitte is competitive as one of the big four accounting firms, but it is facing the problem of brand dilution and reputational contagion due to its fast expansion and acquisition; the partner firms are not linked or connected as they expected to be. So the recommendation would be better training the employees, and slowing down the steps of acquisition. By doing these, Deloitte might achieve a more coherent company culture as well as more consolidated business.

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