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Spring 3-9-2022


Luebe, M., & Holland, K. Understanding Queer Women’s Satisfaction with Healthcare Providers: The Role of Positive LGB Identity and Communication. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 2022.


Copyright Maddie Luebe 2022.


Much research has explored the negative effects of having a queer identity in healthcare, such as stigmatization and discrimination, but little research examined the potential benefits of a positive LGBTQ identity in healthcare. This study investigated the relationship between having a positive LGBTQ identity and provider satisfaction through comfort communicating with a provider. This study also considered the potential effect of participants’ fear of provider heterosexism in this relationship. Survey data were collected from 506 queer-identified women in the United States. Using moderated mediation, results found that more positive feelings associated with one’s queer identity was associated with increased comfort communicating with a provider, and then enhanced satisfaction with a provider. Regardless of the extent of perceived homophobia, the relationship between communication and provider satisfaction was strong, meaning that a significant moderating-relationship was not identified. Overall, these findings suggest that communication plays an important role in patient satisfaction with providers, and this relationship is enhanced by positive LGBTQ+ identity.