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Spring 3-11-2022


Jahnke, L. (2022). Creation of an Influenza A Virus Neuraminidase Consensus Vaccine in an Adenoviral Vector. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Copyright Leigh Jahnke 2022.


In the last decade, the estimated annual burden of the flu includes 12,000-52,000 deaths, 140,000-710,000 hospitalizations, and 9 million – 41 million illnesses (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Disease burden of the flu). Influenza A virus can mutate and infect a variety of different hosts, which results in frequent antigenic changes and even pandemics. This has led to increased attention on the creation of a universal Influenza A vaccine containing broader immunogenic coverage than current vaccines. Our research involved detailing the steps of the cloning process utilizing a consensus neuraminidase antigen. We utilized the pAdEasy Adenoviral Vector System to insert our consensus neuraminidase gene into a human adenovirus type 5 (HAdV-5) to create a more immunogenic vaccine.