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Spring 3-11-2022


Scheer, T. 2022. A Guide to Common Nutrition. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Troy Scheer 2022.


The purpose of this project was to use the knowledge I have gained through my undergraduate courses and apply it in a format that would be beneficial for the average consumer. This project was researched, written, and designed to be accessible by someone without a background in science or nutrition with the goal of educating the reader of some basic nutrition principles. With this knowledge, it is my hope that the reader will be able to make better nutritional choices and liver a longer and healthier lifestyle by first learning how to choose the right foods. While putting this project together, I learned a great many things about research, writing, and consumer messaging. It was challenging to find a balance between over and under-explaining concepts, but after many edits I believe the content has reached a place where the reader can walk away with a foundation from which to continue to learn more or choose to apply their newfound knowledge. I hope that anyone who reads this booklet finds it both useful and engaging and learns a thing or two about how to life a healthier lifestyle through proper nutrition.