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Spring 5-10-2022


Jensen, John P. Evaluation of Selected Computer Software for Concussion Recovery and Diagnosis. 2022. University of Nebraska--Lincoln, Honors thesis.


Copyright J.P. Jensen 2022.


Acquired traumatic brain injuries, such as concussions, impact many athletes participating in sports, particularly at the high school, collegiate, and professional levels. The risks posed by concussions – particularly when an athlete suffers repeated injuries – demands that protocols and tools be developed to maximize athlete health and safety. Computer technology can perform critical roles in the analysis and management of concussions. While specialized devices in the areas of imaging and impact sensing, are most associated with concussion management, researchers within the last two decades have increasingly explored the incorporation of various consumer technologies into the identification and treatment of traumatic brain injuries. This paper explores selected applications of consumer-grade computer technology in the diagnosis, management, and treatment of traumatic brain injury in sports. Additionally, this paper investigates several factors that must be considered when incorporating technology into concussion management and rehabilitation.