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Spring 3-7-2023


Seyl, C.E. (2023). Social Science Researchers' Perceptions of Inclusive Research Practices for Transgender and Gender Diverse Communities. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Christen Seyl 2023.


Social sciences research has historically excluded or marginalized of transgender and gender diverse (TGD) people. Although TGD affirming research materials can help improve relationships with TGD communities, these sorts of materials are not standard practice. The present study aimed to determine what factors influence social science researchers’ (SSR) willingness to incorporate affirming practices into their research. We hypothesized that more culturally competent SSR will view TGD affirming research materials as more affirming and be more willing to use similar materials in their work. In this study, SSR (n = 32) viewed and rated affirmation and willingness to use five affirming research materials; completed measures of cultural competence and critical consciousness; and answered questions about benefits, downsides, supportive/unsupportive people, facilitators, and barriers of using affirming research materials. Findings indicate that SSR with higher cultural competence and critical consciousness viewed some materials as more affirming and were more willing to use some materials. SSR identified TGD participant comfort and encouraging more honest data as benefits; increased time required to complete measures and participants misunderstanding measures as downsides; colleagues, advisors, family members, and institutions as both supportive and unsupportive people; access to templates and trainings and having supportive influences as facilitators; and having unsupportive influences and additional time to complete measures as barriers. Results indicate that many SSR are interested in creating affirming research spaces but lack the resources to do so. By making available recommendations for conducting TGD affirming research, SSR will be better equipped to be inclusive of TGD people.