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Spring 5-15-2023


Weyers, Ryan,Caiden Dynek, Alex Papa, Brexton Robertson, and Kaden Perala. "Columbus, Nebraska: Southern Housing Development Design Proposal." Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 2023


Copyright Ryan Weyers, Caiden Dynek, Alex Papa, Brexton Robertson, and Kaden Perala 2023.


The following paper proposes the design and creation of a new housing development in the city of Columbus, Nebraska in a lot to the south of the city and directly north of the Columbus wastewater treatment plant. The goal of this proposal is to provide readers with confidence that our company is the most qualified to complete the project and will create the safest, most comfortable, most efficient, and most cost-effective final design. This proposal seeks to offer a solution to the lack of affordable housing for the growing workforce in Columbus. In order to arrive at this solution, each subdiscipline of civil engineering (geotechnical, structural, water resources, environmental, and transportation) is utilized to research the existing conditions of the area and to then design the infrastructure of the housing development. Watershed delineation, soil analysis, environmental impact studies, and current traffic studies are types of research done to understand the existing conditions. Site cut and fill, storm and sanitary sewer network design, roadway layout and geometrics, and steel beam and column loading and connections are then created to produce a final design for the new neighborhood. This final design will include around 40 lots, slopes and roadway superelevation to drive sewer flow, a wide set of streets to provide high mobility and accessibility in the development, and a steel park structure for entertainment. The total surveying, design, and construction of this development is estimated to take around 36 weeks and cost $2.5 million.