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Abu Nasab, H. 2023. Psychological Effects of Immigration: A Comprehensive Review Exploring Social Identity, Acculturation and the Effects of Cultural Attitudes and Systemic Factors on the Well-Being of Immigrants. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Copyright Huda Abu Nasab 2023.


Immigration is a life-altering experience that can greatly affect an individual's identity, sense of belongingness, and well-being. The United States is known as a nation of immigrants; however, many immigrants have faced challenges related to assimilation and the development of their social identities in a new society. For example, immigration challenges often include adapting to a new culture, learning a different language, and navigating unfamiliar healthcare and educational systems. There are many factors that influence how immigrants adjust in their host country, such as acculturation challenges, cultural attitudes towards immigrants, and the availability of essential resources. This literature review aims to explore the psychological impacts of immigration by analyzing the interplay between acculturation and the creation of a bicultural social identity. This paper also discusses the individual impact of immigration as well as systemic impacts such as healthcare and educational systems on people who have immigrated. The essay concludes by providing potential solutions that have been implemented in the past and future solutions that can aid immigrants in their assimilation, improve their mental and physical health, and overall success in the United States.