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Miller, E. 2024. Familismo and Familial Support on the Psychological Effects of Traumatic Event Exposure in Latinx Populations in the Midwest. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Elizabeth Miller 2024.


Embedded within Latinx culture is Familismo, which serves as a source of strength and support for family members, while also shedding light on how familial support influences mental health. This study explores how Familismo and familial support impact the psychological effects of traumatic event exposure among Latinx populations in the Midwest. Analyzing data from 80 Latinx residents, I examined the relationship between familial support, traumatic event exposure, and mental health outcomes, focusing on depression and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms. Results indicated a negative association between familial support and PTSD symptoms, indicating that higher support levels correlated with reduced PTSD symptomology. Results did not indicate a relationship between familial support and depressive symptoms. Furthermore, it was found that familial support did not moderate the effects of polyvictimization or abuse by a caregiver on mental health outcomes. The findings suggest that while familial support does not mitigate the effects of a traumatic event, it is related to lower levels of symptomology, which may be beneficial for an individual who may face such experiences. Thus, highlighting the significance of familial support across all stages of life.