U.S. Department of Agriculture: Agricultural Research Service, Lincoln, Nebraska


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Cytogenet Cell Genet 83:35–38 (1998)


The cytogenetic locations of the genes for protein C (PROC), transition protein 1 (TNP1), intestinal alkaline phosphatase (ALPI), engrailed (EN1), and human protointerleukin ß (IL1B) have been compared between cattle (Bos taurus, BTA) and sheep (Ovis aries, OAR). Bovine YAC and cosmid clones were used as FISH probes to determine the order (centromere to telomere) of four of these genes on OAR 2q, as well as the location of IL1B on OAR 3p. In cattle, IL1B and EN1 were assigned to BTA 11 and BTA 2, respectively. Alignment of the ovine, bovine, and human physical maps based on these data shows that segments of conserved synteny and chromosomal rearrangements detected between cattle and human are also found in sheep, where the order in cattle is conserved.