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Published in Mammalian Genome (1998) 9: 204-209.


A genetic map of Ovis aries (haploid n = 27) was developed with 519 markers (504 microsatellites) spanning —3063 cM in 26 autosomal linkage groups and 127 cM (female specific) of the X Chromosome (Chr). Genotypic data were merged from the IMF flock (Crawford et al., Genetics 140, 703, 1995) and the USDA mapping flock. Seventy-three percent (370/504) of the microsatellite markers on the map are common to the USDA-ARS U.S. Meat Animal Research Center cattle linkage map, with 27 of the common markers derived from sheep. The number of common markers per homologous linkage group ranges from 5 to 22 and spans a total of 2866 cM (sex average) in sheep and 2817 cM in cattle. Marker order within a linkage group was consistent between the two species with limited exceptions. The reported translocation between the telomeric end of bovine Chr 9 (BTA 9) and BTA 14 to form ovine Chr 9 is represented by a 15-cM region containing 5 common markers. The significant genomic conservation of marker order will allow use of linkage maps in both species to facilitate the search for quantitative trait loci (QTLs) in cattle and sheep.