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Introduction letter available in English and Spanish.


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You will travel back in time to the land of Ancient Egypt! The ancient Egyptians had many discoveries that changed the way civilizations lived. You will learn about the fascinating lives of Egyptians, such as pharaohs, pyramids, and mummies!

Thinking Skills Glossary - Level 3 English

Day 1 • Ancient Egypt vocabulary, Ancient Egypt: Life along the Nile, Comprehension questions, Ancient Egypt map labeling, Intro to decimals

Day 2 • Treasures of the pyramids, Who killed King Tut?, Roll a decimal

Day 3 • Primary source: Ancient Egyptian paintings, Hieroglyphics, Comparing decimals, Decimal war

Day 4 • Ancient Egypt: Making mummies, Sequence graphic organizer, Social class sort, Adding and subtraction decimals, Bank statement activity

Day 5 • Vocabulary story, Decimal search, Weekly reflection

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