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Introduction letter available in English and Spanish.


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This week you will travel back in time to the civilizations of the Aztec, Maya, and Inca. These three civilizations built great cities throughout Central America and South America, also known as Mesoamerica. Their inventions and culture can still be found in these regions today!

Day 1 • Ancient Mesoamerica Vocabulary, Mesoamerica: Where Civilizations Flourished, and Crashed, Repeatedly, Map of Mesoamerica Scavenger Hunt, What is PEMDAS?

Day 2 • Aztec Primary Source, Mayan Xocolatl, Order of Operations

Day 3 • Suspension Bridges, Mayan Girls use their language skills to help immigrants from Guatemala, Roll an equation

Day 4 • Math vs history, Aztec Ofrendas, The tragedy of Mesoamerica,

Day 5 • Vocabulary story, Mayan math, Fill in the operation, Weekly reflection

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