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Introduction letter available in English and Spanish.


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Exploring Survivor Stories, Grades 7-8

We've already explored a few survivor stories, but we're going to look at a few other experiences. This week we are going to take a look at the stories of people, kids in particular, who have experienced disasters and lived to tell about them. We're going to take a look at their encounters with natural disasters to understand how they withstood these dangers.

Lesson 1 • It's going to BLOW!, Mountain of fire, Meetings challenges

Lesson 2 • Too hot to handle, Lost in Death Valley, Meeting challenges

Lesson 3 • Cold enough for you?, Lost in a blizzard, Meeting challenges

Lesson 4 • Land falls away, Sinkhole excerpt from Tangerine, Meeting challenges

Lesson 5 • Review the week's learning, Write a first-person story of getting heat stroke

What will you learn in this packet?

- Learn/refine (make better) your understanding of vocabulary and sentence structure

- Explore cause and effect relationships of disasters, actions, and physical conditions

- Make and explain predictions and inferences about people, actions, or events

- Reflect on your learning and how you can use it in the real world

Answer Keys W􀁈􀂷􀁙􀁈 a􀁏􀁕􀁈a􀁇􀁜 􀁈􀁛􀁓􀁏􀁒􀁕􀁈􀁇 a 􀁉􀁈􀁚 􀁖􀁘􀁕􀁙􀁌􀁙􀁒􀁕 􀁖􀁗􀁒􀁕􀁌􀁈􀁖, b􀁘􀁗 􀁚􀁈􀂷􀁕􀁈 􀁊􀁒􀁌􀁑􀁊 􀁗􀁒 􀁏􀁒􀁒􀁎 a􀁗 a 􀁉􀁈􀁚 􀁒􀁗􀁋􀁈􀁕 􀁈􀁛􀁓􀁈􀁕􀁌􀁈􀁑c􀁈􀁖.W􀁈􀂷􀁙􀁈 a􀁏􀁕􀁈a􀁇􀁜 􀁈􀁛􀁓􀁏􀁒􀁕􀁈􀁇 a 􀁉􀁈􀁚 􀁖􀁘􀁕􀁙􀁌􀁙􀁒􀁕 􀁖􀁗􀁒􀁕􀁌􀁈􀁖, b􀁘􀁗 􀁚􀁈􀂷􀁕􀁈 􀁊􀁒􀁌􀁑􀁊 􀁗􀁒 􀁏􀁒􀁒􀁎 a􀁗 a 􀁉􀁈􀁚 􀁒􀁗􀁋􀁈􀁕 􀁈􀁛􀁓􀁈􀁕􀁌􀁈􀁑c􀁈􀁖. Detected language : English