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Date of this Version

May 2006


John Pape is an Epidemiologist with the Communicable Disease Epidemiology Program, Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment. This slide-show presents facts and images relating to Zoonoses: diseases of animals transmissible to humans under natural conditions. The characteristics of Zoonoses are: common in natural reservoir, uncommon in people; rural exposure; serious diseases with high fatality rates; complex cycles; prevention achieved via “The Weakest Link.” Zoonotic diseases comprise the majority of potential bioterrorist agents and emerging infections.

Specific sections include:
Influenza, Avian Influenza,and Pandemic Influenza
Projected Pandemic Scenarios COLORADO
H5N1 Surveillance Strategy in US
Baylisascaris and Racoons
Q-fever Outbreak Associated with Goats
Hamsters & Tularemia
Sin Nombre Virus in Colorado: Deer Mice and Cotton Rats
Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome
Human Plague Cases in Colorado
Animal Plague Surveillance
West Nile Virus: Outlook for 2006?