Industrial and Management Systems Engineering


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J. Olson and P. Savory (1998), “Cracking the Shell to Student Learning: An Innovative Instructional Approach,” Proceedings of the 29th Annual Decision Sciences Institute, (ISBN: 0-9667118-7), ed. Parent, Bartkus, and Jenson, pp. 327-329, Las Vegas, NV, November 1998.


Management and Industrial Engineering courses is motivating students to learn and apply the quantitative and managerial aspects of the material. The aim of our educational methodology is to not only teach and reinforce the core principles of the disciplines, but to have students develop a set of skills that will make them competitive in the classroom and the workforce. Teaching is why a university exists. As a result, the objective of our instructional approach is to attract and retain dedicated students to the fields of Operations Management and Industrial Engineering and to keep those students competitive and in focus with industry’s needs.