Industrial and Management Systems Engineering


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P. Savory and G.T. Mackulak (1994), “The Science of Simulation Modeling,” International Conference on Simulation in Engineering Education (ICSEE ‘94), Volume 26, No. 1 (ISBN: 1-56555-066-8), ed. Knadler and Vakilzadian, pp. 115-119, Tempe, Arizona, January 1994.


Many people refer to simulation model building as an “intuitive art”. This implies that modeling can only be done by a select group of highly trained creative people and thus isolates many from considering simulation as a usable tool. Model building is a science that is learned through education, training and experience. In this paper, we discuss the role of science in performing a simulation study. We illustrate the teaching of the science of simulation by discussing the simulation curriculum at Arizona State University.