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Inquiry into the College Classroom: A Journey Toward Scholarly Teaching

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Inquiry into the College Classroom: A Journey Toward Scholarly Teaching Paul Savory, Amy Nelson Burnett, Amy Goodburn ISBN: 978-1-933371-25-2 Paperback 208 pages May 2007


An essential companion for university faculty interested in conducting scholarly inquiry into their classroom teaching, this practical guide presents a formal model for making visible the careful, difficult, and intentional scholarly work entailed in exploring a teaching question. As a how-to guide, this is an invaluable resource for planning and conducting classroom research—formulating questions and hypotheses, defining a data collection methodology, collecting data, measuring the impact, and documenting the results. Inquiry Into the College Classroom is filled with richly illustrative examples that highlight how university faculty from a range of academic disciplines have performed scholarly inquiries into their teaching and leads faculty on a journey that includes: - Developing a formal model for structuring the exploration of a classroom inquiry question - Providing a practical and useful guide for faculty interested in exploring teaching and learning challenges - Detailing faculty experiences in measuring specific changes in student learning or perspectives - Demonstrating how to document classroom inquiry in a form to be shared, used, and reviewed by other faculty - Sharing useful and practical suggestions for getting started with a classroom inquiry - Highlighting different models for disseminating classroom inquiry work - Linking classroom inquiry to larger conversations about the scholarship of teaching and learning