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September 2006


Insecta Mundi, published by the Center for Systematic Entomology, is available online at Copyright © by Opitz.


The checkered beetle genera Parvochaetus, n. gen. and Amboakis, n. gen. are described and the genus Ellipotoma Spinola is reviewed. Four new species plus P. linearis (Gorham), which represents a new combination, comprise Parvochaetus: P. albicornis, P. froeschneri, P. fucolatus, and P. sandaracus. Amboakis, a replacement name for the junior homonym Teutonia Opitz, involves four previously described species and 20 new species. The new species are A. anapsis, A. atra, A. barinas, A. binotonis, A. cauca, A.charis, A. epiomidia, A. erythrohapsis, A. funebris, A. incondita, A.katatonis, A. linitis, A.mica, A. micula, A. prolata, A. rudis, A. taruma, A. selva, A. stenosis, and A. vesca. Four previously described species now classified under Amboakis involve new combinations; they are Epiphloeus capitatus Gorham, Epiphloeus nitidus Gorham, Phlogistosternus flavicollis Zayas, and Teutonia nova Opitz. The bitypic Ellipotoma contains E. tenuiformis Spinola and E. turmalis, n. sp. Lectotypes are designated for Epiphloeus capitatus Gorham, Apolopha linearis Gorham, Epiphloeus nitidus Gorham, and Ellipotoma tenuiformis Spinola.

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