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September 1995


Insecta Mundi, published by the Center for Systematic Entomology, is available online at Copyright © by Di Iorio.


Fourteen species of Neoclytus Thomson,l860 occur in Argentina: N. armaticollis Zajciw, N. aulai Bruch, N. centurio (Chevrolat), N. curvatus (Germ.) N. delicatus (Gounelle), N. famelicus (Burmeister), N. guianensis (Laporte &Gory), N. mulleri Fuchs, N. patagonicus (Bruch) comb. nov., N. pusillus (Laporte &Gory), N. rufus (Olivier), N. sobrinus (Laporte & Gory), N, stillatus Aurivillius (=N. parumnotatus Zajciw syn. nov. )and N. ypsilon (Chevrolat). N. armaticollis, N. delicatus and N. stillatus are new records for Argentina. The geographical distribution in Argentina and a key for species are given.

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