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March 1998


Published in Insecta Mundi Volume 12, Nos. 1-2, March-June, 1998. Copyright 1998 © by Cognato.

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Abstract: Potamobates sumaco new species is described from the Ecuadorian Amazon. Male and female genitalia differentiate P. sumaco from a similar parapatric species, P. williamsi Hungerford. Phylogenetic analysis indicates P. sumaco is closely related to the species of the P. tridentatus group which includes P. williamsi. A distribution map and revised key to Potamobates species are provided.

Resumen: Se describe Potamobates sumaco nueva especies del Amazonas Ecuatoriano. Los genitales del macho y la hembra distinguen P. sumaco de la especie mas cercana P. williamsi Hungerford. El analisis filogenetico indica que P. sumaco partenece a1 grupo P. tridentatus. Se incluye un mapa de la distribucion y una clave modificada para la identificacion de las especies de Potamobates.

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