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INTSORMIL Report No. 16, December 1, 2007


Sorghum and millet are ideal crops for many parts of Africa. However, sorghum and millet’s use as food sources for large urban populations in West Africa is hampered by 1) lack of infrastructure for conveying and demonstrating the food value of sorghum and millet to small business investors, 2) limitations on the supply of high quality grains to processors, 3) lack of small processors, 4) lack of educational resources related to small business development, 5) lack of product development expertise, and 6) lack of knowledge of evidence supporting nutritional claims associated with sorghum and millet consumption.

The Department of Food Science & Technology at the University of Nebraska with a grant from INTSORMIL is promoting the use of sorghum and millet as a food in Tanzania. The Nebraska model is designed to solve the limitations mentioned above and is based on the realization that for food businesses to be successful there must be a strong linkage between services provided in business, marketing, supply chain management, and the technological/scientific aspects of foods.