International Sorghum and Millet Collaborative Research Support Program (INTSORMIL CRSP)


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INTSORMIL, University of Zambia, February 22, 2011.


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The markets and industrial utilization of agricultural commodities have undergone considerable change in the last few decades.

In Zambia, sorghum was considered a traditional crop with limited industrial uses.

Research and transformations in consumer tastes and preferences have led to the development of new uses for sorghum.

Potential markets for industrial utilization of sorghum have been identified as food processing, beer brewing, feed concentrates and energy production.

One of the success stories in industrial utilization of sorghum has been Eagle, a sorghum based clear beer produced by Zambian breweries.

The study reported in this paper aims to examine the main linkages in Eagle lager value added supply chain.

Conclusion and recommendations:

Zambian breweries should invest more in improving the image of Eagle Lager.

Zambian breweries should follow up on pricing and beer strength complaints expressed by consumers.