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Presented at Innovation in Pedagogy and Technology Symposium, University of Nebraska, May 8, 2018.


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Group Portfolios as a Gateway to Creativity, Collaboration & Synergy in an Environment Course

Yankee Hill I

Katherine Nashleanas (UNL)

Recent studies have suggested the world students are facing today is moving so fast that the professions and skills they are training for now might be obsolete by the time they graduate. As a result, students in the 21st century need to think more flexibly, innovatively and creatively as well as practice in collaboration, negotiation and teamwork. With an entry-level class of 49 students in a hybrid course, groups were assigned with a semester portfolio project on the general topic of sustainability. Individual groups of students collaborated around their own sustainability message with each group member creating a portion of the portfolio using a medium of their choice. As students engaged collaboratively and creatively, they also became more powerfully and emotionally engaged in the course and topic than previous traditional research papers and posters routinely provided.