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Presented at Innovation in Pedagogy and Technology Symposium, University of Nebraska, May 8, 2018.


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First Name: Elsbeth

Last Name: Magilton

Department: College of Law UNL

Campus: UNL


Phone: 4024721662

Track: Leadership and Strategy in Online Education

Title: Exec Dir - Space & Telecommunication Pgm

Session Type: Formal Presentation

Availability: Anytim

e Presenters:

Elsbeth Magilton, University of Nebraska College of Law

Presentation Abstract:

Nebraska Law’s online Space, Cyber, and Telecommunications Law program is a part-time online option for industry professionals. The online LL.M. (a post-law degree masters level program) was created in 2012 to address the growing demand for the program by experienced practitioners who want to obtain an LL.M. degree while maintaining their existing work - however our online LL.M. demands students to “attend” classes synchronously with students who attend on-campus. Initially the program utilized Adobe Connect for our virtual classrooms, but we have since moved to a mixture of Zoom and other VoIP services in conjunction with classroom management tools. Student feedback tells us that our live, real-time, interaction has been key in the success of our program but it certainly has presented many hurdles and logistical challenges.

This presentation will discuss why we believe this “in-person facetime” in online instruction is valuable, the 2 challenges of maintaining an in-person classroom and a virtual classroom at the same time, what platforms have been successful and why, and a frank conversation of the challenges we are still addressing.


(1) An understanding the uses and limitations of several high-profile virtual classroom options.

(2) The benefits and the draw-backs to managing online students and on-campus at the same time in class.

(3) Why we believe this “in-person facetime” in online instruction is valuable.

(4) Solutions we've learned - via trial and error - in teaching, testing, and providing student services to remote students at the post-doctoral level.

Suggested Audience: Administrators Presentation Needs: A computer, projector, table and electrical outlet will cover all my needs.