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Journal of Actuarial Practice Volume 6, Nos. 1 and 2, 1998


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Journal of Actuarial Practice ISSN 1064-6647



Principles and Application of Credibility Vincent Goulet

Actuarial Techniques in Risk Pricing and Cash Flow Analysis for U.K. Bank Loans Philip Booth and Duncan E.P. Walsh

Stability of Representative Crediting Rate Scenarios Under Monte Carlo Simulations Sarah L.M. Christiansen and Kelley Buchacker

Outlier Analysis of Annual Retail Price Inflation: A Cross-Country Study Wai-Sum Cha

An Analysis of Australian Pensioner Mortality by Pre-Retirement Income David Knox and Andrew Tomlin

Using Parametric Statistical Models to Estimate Mortality Structure: The Case of Taiwan Shih-Chieh Chang

A Frailty Model for Projection of Human Mortality Improvements • Shaun S. Wang and Robert L. Brown

Editor - Colin Ramsay, University of Nebraska. Associate Editors: Robert Brown, University of Waterloo ○ Cecil Bykerk, Mutual of Omaha ○ Ruy Cardoso, Actuarial Frameworks ○ Samuel Cox, Georgia State University ○ David Cummins, University of Pennsylvania ○ Robert Finger, Retired ○ Charles Fuhrer, The Segal Company ○ Farrokh Guiahi, Hofstra University ○ Steven Haberman, City University ○ Merlin Jetton, Retired ○ Eric Klieber, Buck Consultants ○ Edward Mailander, WeIlpoint Health Networks ○ Charles McClenahan, Mercer Oliver Wyman ○ Robert Myers, Temple University ○ Norman Nodulman, Retired ○ François Outreville, United Nations ○ Timothy Pfeifer, Milliman USA ○ Esther Portnoy, University of Illinois ○ Robert Reitano, John Hancock Financial Services ○ Alice Rosenblatt, WeIlpoint Health Networks ○ Arnold Shapiro, Penn State University ○ Elias Shiu, University of Iowa ○ Michael Sze, Sze Associates Ltd. ○ Joseph Tan, National Actuarial Network ○ Ronnie Tan, Great Eastern Life ○ Richard Wendt, Tower Perrin. Margo Young, Technical Editor