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Chapter 5 in Shaping international public opinion: a model for nation branding and public diplomacy, edited by Jami A. Fullerton & Alice Kendrick (New York: Peter Lang, 2017), pp. 57-75.


© 2017 Jami A. Fullerton and Alice Kendrick. Used by permission.


This study examines inputs that contribute to country concept, specifically the country reputation of Ghana among Americans. The results of a structural equation model indicate that familiarity is a key mediator between participants' experiences with the country and Ghana's country reputation. It is found that the participants' experiences with Ghana affected the reputation of that country positively but indirectly through the mediating role of increased familiarity. Practitioners of international public relations and public diplomacy could benefit from the use of strategies and tactics that would increase the familiarity of the U.S. public with sub-Saharan African countries.