Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



This study investigated the strategies of curbing deterioration of library materials: A case study of long essay preservation in selected Colleges of Education libraries in Southern Nigeria. Particularly, it examined the stock level of Undergraduate projects, nature and extent of deterioration of Undergraduate projects, extent of use of ICT and the level of support given preservation by senior management. The study adopted a survey research design and the instrument used was structured questionnaire administered to librarians, library officers and library assistants. Six Colleges of Education libraries were randomly selected from South West Nigeria. Ninety (90) respondents participated. The population sample was 15 libraries comprising librarians and library assistants. Ninety questionnaires were administered and were returned. All the questionnaires were valid for analysis. Descriptive Statistics of tables were used in analysing the data collected through questionnaire and were further subjected to statistical analysis using Statistical Packages for Social Sciences (SPSS). The study reveals that there are indeed incidences of deterioration, the most prominent being broken spine of projects, mutilation of the projects and vandalisation of the projects. Furthermore, results show that none of the libraries has digitised the undergraduate projects. Also, 24(27%) out of the sampled libraries are automated while 28(31%) have internet facilities. Based on the finding, the following recommendations among others were made towards curbing deterioration of library materials in the College libraries: adoption of the digital method of preservation, recruitment of adequate and competently trained manpower on preservation, provision of adequate infrastructure and adequate provision of funds for college libraries to enhance effective preservation of Undergraduate projects.