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The study reports an experiment that examines the availability of online reference services in libraries in Nigeria. 500 questionnaires were randomly distributed among Nigerian Library Association(NLA) conference attendees. The respondents were drawn from different types of libraries. A total of 311 questionnaires were usable, resulting in a 62 percent response rate. Data’s were analyzed using percentage cross tabulation. The majority of the participants in Nigeria indicated that they are not aware of the existence of Online Reference Services (ORS), yet the project has been in existence for years .The present study was conducted to address five research questions. First, what is the level of awareness of ORS in your library? Second, how do librarians rate the usefulness of the ORS? Third, what are the infrastructures available in your library for the purpose of ORS? Fourth, what are the obstacles faced by libraries in establishing and utilizing ORS? and Fifth, what are the strategies to enhance the establishment of ORS?. The result shed light on the availability, usefulness, infrastructural availability, obstacles faced, and strategies to enhance the establishments of ORS, and recommendations were given.