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This research paper aims to present an overview of the perception of the students regarding possible use and implementation of mobile phones in library services for Dhaka University Library (DUL). It also aims to locate the possible advantages and relative drawbacks regarding the use of mobile based library services for DUL. The survey method with a structured questionnaire has been employed to conduct the research. The data was collected from different faculty for the balance of the study and findings. The data was collected from both undergraduate and graduate students from Dhaka University (DU). Responses to closed-ended questions in particular on 7-point Likert scales were analyzed using the descriptive analysis techniques of SPSS 20.0 and responses to other closed-ended questions were analyzed using general statistics. The result of the study shows that the status of mobile phone usage by the students of Dhaka University (DU) is satisfactory. The findings of the study indicate that the students provide their consensus regarding the use of mobile phones in service delivery at DUL. This study provides evidence on the actual use of mobile phones by the students of DUL for retrieving information and their attitude towards implementing a mobile based library system for DUL.



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