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This study aims to investigate factors affecting knowledge sharing among librarians working in public libraries of Fars Province, Iran. The research uses a survey method. Using stratified random sampling technique, 180 librarians were selected as a sample. The data collection instrument is a questionnaire with an acceptable reliability. Data analysis was accomplished using Lisrel Full Version 8.7.

The study findings revealed that education and consultation programs improve librarians’ performance. These should be designed based on employees’ ability and type of activity. The task-technology fit provides the opportunity to make more use of a technology thus improving the user’s performance. Existence of mutual trust between the librarians and their organizations, on the other hand, causes both sides to tend more to make knowledge-sharing. Overall, trust is an important factor in increasing the group performance level. Creation of positive mental thinking in librarians’ minds has improved their mentality towards their activities and complexities of their use of knowledge-sharing system, at the same time, increasing job effectiveness and speed of doing duties.

Considering the importance of knowledge-sharing as the most fundamental function and the most important challenge of knowledge management, the current work presents a comprehensive casual model for predicting the factors affecting knowledge-sharing in public libraries.



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