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Summer 6-29-2016


The study investigated Effects of Weeding Strategies on Information Resource Management Among Public Libraries in North-Central States of Nigeria, the researcher observed that Every library's print collection is limited by the space available, and collections must change over time to reflect changes in the community and in the library's goals, as result, five (5) research questions and objectives were formulated with respect to how unwanted information resources managed, shelf-time period of information resources, effects of weeding on library organisation and services and the challenges of weeding in public libraries. Survey research method was adopted for the study and staff in the circulation, technical, reference, readers and collection development units of the public libraries in Plateau, Benue, Kogi, Kwara, Niger, Nasarawa and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) constituted the population of the study. Data were collected using questionnaire and observation, frequency tables and simple percentages were used to analyse the data collected for the study. The study found among others that public libraries in north-central states of Nigeria keep obsolete information resources in store rooms, basic tasks in library management include the acquisition, classification of acquired materials, preservation of materials (especially rare and fragile archival materials such as manuscripts), are affected by weeding activities. The study concluded that every library will have its own method for handling books pulled for discard.



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