Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



The purpose of this paper is to report results of a study on investigation of the preservation skills and strategies being used by the University of KwaZulu-Natal libraries in preserving electronic information resources (EIRs) to ensure their long term availability and access. Respondents are engaged through a census sampling technique and instrument for data collection is self-administered questionnaire comprising closed and open questions. A quantitative approach using the survey research design is used. Data is analyzed using Statistical package for the Social Sciences version 20. The analysis of the results reveals that there is intermediated level of ICT knowledge and skills regarding preservation of EIRs amongst respondents. The results also reveal that the respondents need trainings in migration, metadata and emulation techniques. It is believed that the study will assist the library staff on what areas to be improved in the EIRs management. The paper offers useful research information that can help the University libraries involved the study to properly preserve EIRs for optimal benefits of its users. Other universities in related situations can also benefit from the research findings.



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