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The paper discussed unified theory of acceptance and use of technology UTAUT as theoretical foundation for clinical informatics research. Highlighting the efforts to promote the use of clinical informatics in sub-Sahara Africa cannot be over-emphasized. UTAUT theory has evolved to become a key model in understanding factors that influence human behaviors toward acceptance and rejection of technology.

Qualitative content analysis through conceptual and literature analysis was used to explore previous studies in the research domain. Research has been conducted on application of UTAUT in various fields such as internet use, mobile banking and e-learning. But not much has been done on application of UTAUT in clinical informatics research. The research used SCOPUS database to find out that the number of research that used UTAUT between the years 2005 to 2015. The finding revealed that 1,582 articles, journals and conference paper used the theory, in which USA has 311 publications followed by Malaysia with 166. Coming back to Africa, South Africa came first with 45 publications followed by Nigeria with 06. The result indicated that there is a gap in knowledge due to paucity of literature on application of UTAUT in clinical informatics particularly among studies from Africa researchers. Based on this, the study provides insightful knowledge on academic literature on application of UTAUT in clinical informatics research and contributes to discussion on UTAUT. The study recommended the need to include the teaching of theoretical frame work as a part of research methodology in the universities