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Developments in the history of human communication, often called, ‘the information society’, and have transformed the way many people work in the media and entertainment industries. This study examined how modern communication technology facilitates the practice of broadcasting. Attention was focused in particular on the application and adoption of ICT, it cost effectiveness as well as its impact on the social relationship between the broadcast advertising of different hierarchy.

The survey method was adopted in order to sample the opinion of the subjects for the study.

It consisted of a structured questionnaire which was used as an instrument to collect both qualitative and quantitative data of Splash FM 105.5 Ibadan, the sole object of the study. A purposive sampling technique was adopted to get respondents that are directly involved in advertising, from the organization of study. However, they were randomly selected to ensure that every respondent from the different levels of the specified department has equal chance of being selected for the study. Data were presented in tables (frequency and computation of simple percentages) and were analyzed by descriptive and inferential statistics, finding revealed a 100% application and utilization of ICT facilities investigated. Findings have proven that broadcast advertising are likely to expedite business with the use of appropriate ICT facilities.

Poor power supply, limitation in terms of internet advert, preference of radio jingle to internet advert by the populace as well as high cost of ICT technology and internet advert have constituted to the major challenges affecting the use of internet advertisement in Nigeria.