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Winter 6-15-2017


Many organisations usually do not value records management until a time when disaster strikes and records are destroyed. In most institutions, there is a lack of preparedness as there are no records risk assessments and records management systems are not assessed to find how they are performing. Without records risk assessment activities in especially hospitals, records will continue to deteriorate, be lost or even accessed by unauthorised people. Without proper records risk assessments, disasters are likely to strike and destroy records which are the basis for business transactions, continuity and evidence. Purpose of the Study: This study will seek to conduct a records risk assessment on a hospital in Zimbabwe with the aim to finding how its records management system is efficient and effective. Methodology: This study will be qualitative in nature and a case study research design applied, where the case will be the hospital’s records management system. The University of Technology Sydney Records Management Programme Risk Assessment Tool will be used in assessing risks. The sampling applied in this study will be purposive as the researchers know the research participants who are knowledgeable on the subject matter under-study. Findings: This study will conclude that records at the hospital are facing a number of risks which are likely to cost the hospital in cases of litigation. Practical Implications: This study will go a long way in pointing to the strengths and weaknesses of the hospital’s records management programme. The hospital can then seek to improve its records management system based on the findings of this study. Originality of the Study: Records management programme risk assessments have been done in other universities and organisation, yet one has not been conducted in the hospital which is being studied in this case. This will be a research paper.



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