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Fall 6-26-2017


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The basic purpose of this study is to provide a comprehensive view of Indian contribution towards open access journal movement, particularly the journals indexed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) - a service from Lund University. It seeks to explore the relative position of India among other countries and provides an analysis of the indexed journals from several parameters. A list of 318 Indian OA journals indexed in DOAJ has been served as the data source. The relevant metadata for each indexed journal such as title of the journal, journal URL, ISSN, country of publication, language, year since added in DOAJ, LCC subject category, APC charges of journals, publisher and publishers’ keywords and Journal license and other licensing attributes were analyzed to get the outcome. The study suggests India’s standing in the domain of open access scholarly publishing and establishes that India is one among the most productive countries those support universal access to knowledge. This study acts as a reference tool for the scholarly community in the disciplines of Medical Sciences, Basic Sciences, Technology, Social Sciences to have access to the published research works crossing the geographical barrier.



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