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This work studied Preservation and Disaster Management of Frequently-use Collections in University Librarie. The Survey research method was adopted for the study. The main instrument for collecting data for this study was the questionnaire. The questionnaires were carefully designed for the respondents. Forty –nine (49) copies of the questionnaire were administered to the respondents by the researcher out of which 41 was retrieved and found usable for analysis. The study found out that there is no written preservation and conservation policy in the libraries studied, in few cases where preservation policy exist though unwritten, they are not adhered to. Majority, 35(85.4%) of the respondents agreed that libraries do not train staff on preservation; hence there was low perception of library staff to preservation of library materials. Further findings reveal that there were problems of preservation and disaster management practice in the academic libraries studied. The study recommended among others that regulatory bodies of Academic institutions (e.g. NUC) should mandate academic libraries to have preservation and disaster management policy and ensure they are adhered to.



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