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Winter 8-21-2017


Published by Dr. Afolabi A Kayode to reflect the state of school library in educational development of Ondo State.



This study attempted reviewing the roles of school libraries in learning activities of senior secondary school students in Ondo State. Ondo State is divided into three senatorial districts where two Local Governments were selected from each of the senatorial district and two secondary schools taken from each of the selected Local Government. Descriptive survey was adopted to carry out the research and a structured questionnaire was administered to collect data from the respondents while a high response rate of 100% was obtained. The validity of the research was determined by ensuring that the questionnaire reflects basic topics in the curriculum of the library and information studies and the reliability of the instrument was determined by subjecting it to Cronbach Alpha Reliability test with section B= 0.69; C= 0.59; D=0.64; E= 0.58 and section F=0.64. The result revealed that students use school library majorly to do their assignments, to prepare for class tests, and to prepare for examinations. All these play significant roles in learning activities of senior secondary school students. Based on the result, it was concluded that the quality and variety of the collection available in the school libraries is a significant factor in students learning acativities, therefore, adequate funding needs to be available to procure current resources that are curriculum related and of general interest to students' learning activities. Also, efforts should be made by school management and government to up-grade the school library with Information and Communication Technology (lCT).

Keywords: School Libraries, Students, Learning Activities, Senior Secondary School.