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Winter 10-19-2017



This study examined the challenges of information literacy skills capacity building for the lawmakers in the South West Nigeria. Survey method was adopted for this using questionnaire as instrument for data collection. 177 legislators participated from the six states of assembly in South-West Nigeria through total enumeration to determine the number of lawmakers in the study. The questionnaire titled ``Lawmakers’ Information Literacy Skills and Constituency Performance in South-West Nigeria (LILSCP)” were distributed to responded, out of which 151 usable copies were returned to the researcher. The data collected were analyzed and presented in tables using descriptive statistics particularly frequency counts, standard deviation and simple percentages. The result of the study showed that 66.4% of the legislators have contributed to the development of their constituencies through a number of projects. 73% of the responded agreed they initiated and organized programmers based on their level of information literacy skills, as against those who search for information through CD-ROM for collaboration with international agencies find it difficult. 59% of the respondents could not locate most appropriate information resources, as against 3% who did not know how to locate at all. In spite of these challenges faced by the legislators, they were still able to contribute execute some developmental project. However, a well-informed lawmaker is a panacea for robust deliberations in the house; thus, adequate recommendations were made to achieve this.



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