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This study examined the library users’ minimum acceptable, desired, and actual observed service performance level of the University of Saint Louis (USL) College Library along the four service quality dimensions: access to information (AI), affect of service (AS), library as place (LP) and information control (IC). It also sought to determine the interrelationships of library service quality, satisfaction with library services, and loyalty to library and its services. This study utilized a questionnaire ased on (a) the LIbQUAL™ 2003 by the Academic and Research Libraries (ARL) and Texas A&M University Libraries; (b) satisfaction on library services; and (c) loyalty measures. It was distributed among 400 library users. Findings indicated that customers’ minimum acceptable service level along AS, LP and IC are generally high except for AI. Customers’ desired service level indicated that AI, AS, and IC are generally high except for LP which is very high. USL library did not meet the expectations of the customers by comparing the desired service level vis-a-vis with observed actual service performance level provided. Customers were satisfied with the circulation service, internet/online service, library instruction, current awareness services, reference service, multimedia service, and depository area/service. Customers’ satisfaction with the different library services is positively correlated with their loyalty towards the library which is manifested through using the library for related purposes aside from borrowing books; encouraging friends and colleagues to use the library; saying positive things about the library services to other people; and recommending the library to someone who seeks their advice. Correlation indicated that there is a significant direct relationship between library service quality and customers’ satisfaction. Furthermore, customers’ satisfaction is directly correlated with their loyalty towards the library and its services.



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