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With the advancement of technology and changes made in the scientific communication model, changes have been made in scientific evaluation methods. New technologies offer indicators that measure all the actions and interactions of scientists in the digital environment and create new aspects of scientific communication. This work has some purposes; first, mapping profile of scientific activities of faculty members of Sharif University of Technology (SUT) in “ResearchGate” (RG), second, intend to test the correlation h-index between the RG and Web of Science (WoS) and Scopus and Google Scholar (GS). Third, investigate SUT faculty members’ top h cited research RG in WoS, Scopus, and GS. Fourth, investigate Altmetric score of SUT faculty members’ top h cited research RG with Altmetric Explorer (AE). For this purpose, the SUT faculty members were searched in RG. Information was noted for those who were members in RG. Then, all their h index and the number of citations of top h cited research were extracted from WoS, Scopus and GS. Altmetric scores of Top h cited research of SUT faculty members was obtained by using AE. The degree of correlation between RG h index and WoS h index was higher than the h index of other citation databases. Also, the results indicate that there are errors in the calculation of the Almetric score by AE. Only 3% of the top h cited research of SUT faculty members had Altmetric score. While 95.72% of them had been read at least once in Mendeley and 78.7% of them had been cited in Mendeley.



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