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Yebowaah, F. A (2018). Internet Use and its Effect on Senior High School Students in Wa Municipality of Ghana


The internet is a technology that has become an enormous part of people’s daily lives. Over the last decades, internet connectivity has improved tremendously and is available everywhere. Empirical studies report that access to information can influence the academic performance of students. However, studies on internet use among Senior High School Students are limited in the Wa Municipality. It is therefore uncertain whether the students use internet and the effect it has on their academic performance. Hence, this study investigates the internet use and its efects on Senior High School students in the Wa Municipality. Primary data were obtained from a random selection of 314 Senior High School Students who are in their third year. The data were collected using a questionnaire and then analysed using descriptive statistics, chi-square and ANOVA. The results indicate that sources of internet to the students include the School Information Communication Laboratory, mobile phones, household internet facilities, and public internet cafes. Besides, students’ access to internet was found to have a positive influence on their academic performance. However, different uses of the internet among students do not influence their academic performance. The study concludes that availability of different internet sources to students does not grant all of them immediate access. It is therefore, recommended that Heads of Senior High School should liaise with policy makers and management of Ghana Education Service to provide internet infrastructure in schools. This is relevant because provision of internet infrastructure in schools is a key strategy to promoting academic performance.