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The literature review is on autocratic leadership style as obstacle to success in academic libraries and other institutions were it is practiced. Leaders in institutions of higher education have been observed to be exhibiting autocratic leadership style. This review is geared towards reminding Chief Librarians that autocratic leadership style, no matter the colour it is painted remains a leadership style that is greatly not wanted by the led in the libraries. Most times, positive work attitude is not exhibited by staff. Leaders have been for the most part ignoring staff by following outmoded set of principles about them for the reason that it adhered to Theory X when actually most staff could be closer to the Theory Y set of principles. In this review, the many definitions put forward by researchers where highlighted and discussed. The pros and cons of using autocratic leadership style were also noted. It was concluded that autocratic leadership style prevents the use of creative ideas to problem solving; therefore leaders should learn to exercise restraint in the use of the style in the running of their institutions.



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