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A Scientometric Analysis of Wind Energy during the year of 2000-2017 through SCOPUS Database

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This article aims to explore quantitatively the growth and development of wind energy in global in terms of publication output as reflected in Scopus Database during 2000 to 2017 (18 years). Total of 23510 papers published by the researchers in the field Wind Energy (WE) in a variety of archers to various domains. Firstly, among the subject category Engineering topped with 31.48% of documents, in author wise contribution shows that, Singh, B ranked first and published 65 (0.28%) articles, followed by Senjyu, T published 64 (0.27%) Articles. Secondly the document wise distribution analyzed that highest number of publications was 11061 (47.048%) Article, Conference Papers 10387 (44.181%), and Danmarks Tekniske Universitet is top leading research Institutions with 326 (3.08%) publications. Finally country wise distribution analysis showed that in the field of Wind Energy (WE). United States topped with 16.21% publications, China 12.79% and India 8.49%. India was publication rank with 3rd position

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