Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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Summer 10-19-2018


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Libraries today are in the process of transiting from traditional/manual operations to digital/electronic ones especially in developing countries such as Nigeria. To effectively address this, librarians need software application and user skills and competences to migrate totally to ICT (automation).The paper therefore identified the software applications, user skills and competencies needed. To arrive at that the concept of librarian, software application and use, required skills and competences are examined. They have been identified as skills in computer, ICT, knowledge of the types of software in existence generally and in the library, knowledge of how to select appropriate software for the library, knowledge of how to use them, avoiding inadequate ones in quality and services and so on. It assert that skills and competences can be acquired via suppliers of software, computer science program, workshops and conferences, short courses etc and concluded that these skills and competences are a must for librarians given their information provision role on the internet.